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Butterfly Lady’s large, crystal-clear, jumbo-sized 9-oz. cups arrive complete and already assembled, with at least five Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) butterfly eggs or newly hatched caterpillars (larvae) in a separate, smaller brood cup. There is enough pre-mixed artificial diet in both cups to feed them until they reach the chrysalis stage. This improved FREE Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillar Rearing Kit is interactive, fun and educational. It allows observations of all four life-cycle stages: egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and adult.

The Painted Lady Butterfly Eggs/Caterpillars are FREE! Just pay $12.97 per kit for shipping and handling, which covers PayPal charges, egg/caterpillar wrangling, packaging materials and instructions, labor to assemble and USPS First Class Package postage. Butterfly Lady’s wonderful Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillar Rearing Kits are both easy-to-use and budget-wise. Compare to Insect Lore and Carolina Biological Supply which offer similar caterpillar rearing cups for $14.99 and $15.50, respectively, before they add shipping charges and handling fees of $11.83 and $19.95, respectively, for a grand total of $26.82 and $35.45, respectively.

Compare and Save!

Butterfly Lady’s
Painted Lady Butterfly
Caterpillar Rearing Kit



Only $12.97

Insect Lore’s
Painted Lady
Cup of Caterpillars




Carolina Biological Supply’s
Painted Lady
5-Larvae Culture




Any which way you figure, Butterfly Lady’s FREE! Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillar Rearing Kits are the sensible choice for a grand total of only $12.97 each!

Your kids will love them and so will you! There is no mess and no assembly required. They arrive set up and ready to enjoy. Complete and easy butterfly-caterpillar-care instructions are included. We guarantee that your eggs/caterpillars will be alive, healthy and safely packaged when they leave our farm. We cannot guarantee, though, that they will arrive alive or that they will thrive after you receive them. Those circumstances are beyond our control. While success with live organisms is not always predictable, it’s quite common for most of the eggs/caterpillars to emerge as butterflies, when you follow our simple directions. In order to keep your cost low, we do not replace livestock. Should you require replacement caterpillars, it’s less expensive to request our FREE Painted Lady Butterfly Caterpillar Rearing Kits again than to pay higher prices plus shipping and handling with other companies. We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the United States who request our caterpillars year after year. They appreciate that we ship FREE quality caterpillars and save them money.

Once you receive your Painted Lady Butterfly Eggs/Caterpillars, you may leave them in the smaller brood cup for up to a week. Then it’s a simple matter to transfer the caterpillars over to the larger food cup with the included paint brush. (It’s easy to do and both kids and grownups love the interactive caterpillar fun.) After the caterpillars are a week old, it takes approximately a week to 10 days more for them to morph into chrysalises. Another eight to 10 days later, the adult Painted Lady butterflies emerge.

We ship everywhere in the United States except to Hawai‘i and offshore territories.

These butterflies are completely safe for outdoor release. Once the Painted Lady butterflies emerge from their chrysalises, they can be kept in a flight cage for observation or released outdoors. It is legal and environmentally-friendly to release these natural pollinators, since this species is native to all areas of the continental United States, including Alaska. After you have reared the butterflies and have enjoyed observing them up close, then experience the thrill of releasing these beautiful creatures into the wild.

We no longer accept purchase orders or payment by check. Demand is so high that we are only able to fill prepaid requests. Please note that if you experience difficulty with PayPal, we are unable to accept payment otherwise. We cannot process phone and mail requests for this special offer since we do not have the time and resources. Thank you for your understanding.

Why is Butterfly Lady offering FREE butterfly caterpillars? It's simple! There aren't enough butterflies in the world. When you rear and release Painted Lady butterflies in your garden, you partner with Butterfly Lady to give the gift of life, color and joy back to nature. Thanks for your help, Butterfly Partner!

Enjoy the Butterflies!

  Photos of Painted Lady butterflies Copyright © 2010 by Wendy Kindred Holt. Used with permission.

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