Trees for Butterflies

When planning a butterfly garden one typically thinks of planting flowers. But did you know that trees also attract butterflies?

Some flowering trees provide nectar for the adult butterfly. And then there are trees that provide food for caterpillars. There are many trees you can plant in your garden that are host plants for butterflies. A host plant is a specific plant that provides food for developing larva.

Brenda Dziedzic, the author of Raising Butterflies and Moths in the Garden, has created an amazing butterfly habitat in her small back yard in Michigan. She does not have enough room to plant many trees so she plants trees in large containers. Since this limits the root growth it will limit how big the tree will grow.

Please note, you should plant those trees native to your area that are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions where they naturally occur.  Click on this link to help you find a native nursery where you live:

If you want to learn how to attract butterflies to your garden you need this book by butterfly expert Brenda Dziedzic. Purchase here: